Salvia Divinorum and Kratom Combination – Is it safe?

Kratom is a natural herb. It is an incredible plant which grows excessively in the regions of South-East Asia. It gives wonderful effects on our body. It is known as a therapeutic drug. It helps us to elevate our mood. It enhances our energy. It makes us feel fresh and active. It helps us to increase our tolerance and confidence level. It gives us relief from anxiety and depression. It helps us to sleep better and peacefully. It gives us relief from insomnia. Kratom is well known for treating pain. It induces feelings of happiness and generates euphoria. Kratom helps to focus and concentrate on our work. By using Kratom, we can do much more work than usual without getting tired. In short, we can say that Kratom is a blessing and a magical herb. It is a drug with partial side effects.

Salvia is a natural psychedelic. It has very strong effects. The effects of Salvia are not long-lasting. They last for approximately 15 minutes. We can say that the effects are Salvia are extra potent that can be harmful to our body. Salvia is commonly found in the forest of Mexico. Till date, no healing effect of it has been reported. When Salvia goes in our body it acts on the receptors present ion our brain. It has been reported that those people use Salvia who want high effects. Salvia effects are brain and result in unrestrained amusement, elevated mood, and recall of memories, talkativeness, and actives. It gives us the atmosphere and approach that is not even linked with reality.  

Combination of Kratom and Salvia:

  Combining these two drugs is not that much appreciated. If we take these two drugs together they will combine with the receptor in our body. Their action on receptors is the main connection between Salvia and Kratom in our body. Moreover, Kratom and Salvia both have some negative effects on our body. Although these negative effects are not that much strong they can affect our brain. People use Salvia to get high effects in a short time or we can say that Salvia is used to getting instant psychoactive effects. Kratom is used to treat many health problems as well as mental issues. Therefore, if we combine these two drugs they may give us much more high effects which can be unbearable. Kratom is considered much more safe and better than using Salvia. This is why it is recommended to you that use Kratom instead of Salvia. If you are thinking to mix them both then you should change your decision. Their combination is not appreciated as well as effective.


Health is much more important than anything else. Therefore, you should avoid the mixing of Kratom with Salvia. Till date, no serious, as well as prolonged negative effect of this mixture, has been reported. But it may give too many high feelings which will be harmful to our body and mind.