Salvia Divinorum and Kratom Combination – Is it safe?

Kratom is a natural herb. It is an incredible plant which grows excessively in the regions of South-East Asia. It gives wonderful effects on our body. It is known as a therapeutic drug. It helps us to elevate our mood. It enhances our energy. It makes us feel fresh and active. It helps us to increase our tolerance and confidence level. It gives us relief from anxiety and depression. It helps us to sleep better and peacefully. It gives us relief from insomnia. Kratom is well known for treating pain. It induces feelings of happiness and generates euphoria. Kratom helps to focus and concentrate on our work. By using Kratom, we can do much more work than usual without getting tired. In short, we can say that Kratom is a blessing and a magical herb. It is a drug with partial side effects.

Salvia is a natural psychedelic. It has very strong effects. The effects of Salvia are not long-lasting. They last for approximately 15 minutes. We can say that the effects are Salvia are extra potent that can be harmful to our body. Salvia is commonly found in the forest of Mexico. Till date, no healing effect of it has been reported. When Salvia goes in our body it acts on the receptors present ion our brain. It has been reported that those people use Salvia who want high effects. Salvia effects are brain and result in unrestrained amusement, elevated mood, and recall of memories, talkativeness, and actives. It gives us the atmosphere and approach that is not even linked with reality.  

Combination of Kratom and Salvia:

  Combining these two drugs is not that much appreciated. If we take these two drugs together they will combine with the receptor in our body. Their action on receptors is the main connection between Salvia and Kratom in our body. Moreover, Kratom and Salvia both have some negative effects on our body. Although these negative effects are not that much strong they can affect our brain. People use Salvia to get high effects in a short time or we can say that Salvia is used to getting instant psychoactive effects. Kratom is used to treat many health problems as well as mental issues. Therefore, if we combine these two drugs they may give us much more high effects which can be unbearable. Kratom is considered much more safe and better than using Salvia. This is why it is recommended to you that use Kratom instead of Salvia. If you are thinking to mix them both then you should change your decision. Their combination is not appreciated as well as effective.


Health is much more important than anything else. Therefore, you should avoid the mixing of Kratom with Salvia. Till date, no serious, as well as prolonged negative effect of this mixture, has been reported. But it may give too many high feelings which will be harmful to our body and mind.

Places where kratom is at sale

Here we will show a list of some vendors who are authentic and offering kratom in the form of powder, capsules, leaf, and extracts on sale.

  • Super Natural Botanicals

They are known well for their natural products and botanicals. They excel in providing a wide product selection which is wrapped up with excellent quality. One of the attractive features is their customer service and most importantly they provide super discounts at their products.

There are two variety packs on sale at their online store:

  • Kratom Powder Sample Pack

This sample pack involves The buy kratom powder in four different strains and it is useful for the newbies who want to try different strains to get better results. This pack contains 1 oz of each strain such as green Maeng Da, White Borneo, Super Green, and red Indo Kratom.

The original price of this starter pack is $59.99 but the sale price of this pack is $45.99, the evaluated discount at this pack is 23% which is really appreciable.

  • Maeng Da Kratom Pack

Maeng da kratom pack is the most famous sort of Buy kratom Center pack available online. Super Natural Botanicals provides the customer with a sale on this product. This pack contains each colour strain in Maeng Da. 1 oz of each strain .i.e red, green, white is available in this pack. This pack is ideal for Maeng Da lovers who are used to this product in all strains.

The original price of this variety pack is $51.99 and the discounted price is $41.99, which means it is round about 19% discount offered.

  • Kratora Kratom

Kratora kratom offers a discount at their variety packs.

  • Kratom Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack

This company provides points at the purchase of any pack. This variety pack includes kratom extract and gold Ultra enhanced kratom. Whenever a user purchases this variety pack, the user is given 50 points as a reward and these points can be utilized in the next purchase.

  • Plain Leaf Variety Pack

The brand is perfectly selling the freshest kratom leaves. This variety pack includes 7 different strains each strain is present in the quantity of half ounces.

The price of this variety pack is $49.99 but the company is giving 50 points as a reward at the purchase of each variety pack.

  • PurKratom

PurKratom is one of the reliable brand names in the kratom industry. The vendor is popular for selling quality kratom products.

  • Variety Powder Pack

This variety pack has a powder which gives very high effects and hence very potent. PurKratom is providing this pack at low prices. There is a total of 13 strains available in this pack from which a customer has to choose their favorites. A total of 3 powder strains can be chosen by a user. The price of 3 powders is 15% less than the actual price of each strain.

  • Capsule Variety Pack

PurKratom also provides its variety of packs in the form of capsules. This option is ideal for the people who don’t like the taste of kratom powder. The same 15% price discount is available on the selection of 3 types from the 13 strains.

Green Malay Kratom review | What you need to know

For many years Green Malay kratom has been recognized as one of the best kratom strains to use, and its reputation has been fueled by its high alkaloids potency levels, and its long-lasting effects, hence the moniker “Super Green Malay.” There has been a debate which even today there are no determined conclusions on which kratom strain is better between Green Maeng Da kratom and Green Malay Kratom. For those who use the Green Malay kratom, they say it’s cheaper and its effects last long but for those who go with Green Maeng Da claim it’s super potent and has more benefits than the Green Malay kratom.

Below is a review of green Malay kratom which will give more insights on its effectiveness and why it’s preferred by many. Also, you can buy kratom from socal kratom website

About Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom which also goes by the name “Keetum” is a strain of kratom found in Malaysia an area where the climatic conditions favor its growth. Its leaves usually have the same effect,s as morphine on the mu-opioids which is the reason why the strain works perfectly in relieving chronic pain and alleviates ailments such as back pains, muscle cramps, migraines, headaches, and others. The most abundant alkaloid in Green Malay kratom is “Mitragynine.”. The green Malay kratom leaves are usually found in powdered form or capsule form.

Associated Benefits Of Taking Green Malay Kratom

  1. Increased energy

It’s official all green strains must have some energy-related benefit. Our Green Malay Kratom is no exception since it has some energizing effects which last longer than many strains that have energy boosting properties. For those who are professionals, manual work laborers, and other workaholics this is your strain since it will give you the kick that will keep you going.

  1. Euphoric effects

If you are stressed out due to work or other factors and you need to uplift your moods and feel some heightened happiness and joy, then Green Malay Kratom is your strain. It enhances one mood and delivers euphoric effects.

  1. Pain relief

For those who are suffering from chronic pain, migraines, osteoporosis, muscle pains, headaches back pain, or some other pain related to an injury then you need to go for Green Malay Kratom. All Green strains have a reputation for suppressing pain, and Green Malay kratom is equally effective.

  1. Improved focus

Green Malay kratom is a recommended strain to students or professionals who have demanding jobs that require attention to details. It improves one’s focus, and there is some mental clarity.

Side Effects Of Green Malay Kratom

Side effects of Green Malay kratom are as a result of taking more than the recommended dosage of the strain. Below are some of the side effects.

  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • excessive sweating
  • hyperactivity
  • lJitters

Green Malay Kratom Dosage

There is a golden rule that must be followed; that states you must always start on small doses and increase on your way up depending on your body tolerance. If the effects are adverse discontinue and seek professional guidance.

For starters, 2-4 grams is the recommended dosage while for those who have used a green strain before 4-6 grams will just be fine. For those who have an experience and they want something potent then 6-10 grams would do the magic.


Always remember to give at least 6-7 hours interval before you take another dose of green Malay kratom. Remember to start small and work your way up.

Tips on where to buy Kratom Locally

There is no secret that because of the benefits that are already associated with Kratom and its products, there is a genuinely a very huge rise in demand for the product both locally and international. Many users who are not so comfortable purchasing these products online have had living nightmares on how the can get the genuine products locally without some of the hustle that is involved in ordering the dame online since these products are not grown in the states makes it even more difficult for the users. So where to buy kratom?

What you need to realize is that Kratom is not sold in drug stores making them quite challenging to get access to.

Here are some of the things that one has to consider when going to buy kratom product locally or near me.

1. What are your reasons for using the product?

It is very important to know your reason as to why you are looking for Kratom products. What is clear as the daylight is that there are so many reasons as to why one might want to use the kratom products. This is also not made any easier because the product has already been associated with so many benefits already.

In order to get the right benefits associated with these products, one has to know why they want to use it so as to have the right dosage. you will realize that there are different kratom strains with different effects and influences there is kratom product just to boost your energy and other for medicinal purposes.

2. Get to know about the strains of Kratom that are sold locally

Just like any other good product, Kratom is available in different strains and it is very important to learn the kind of different strains that available near you. This will make the whole process of buying the Kratom much easier because you will have all the information about the already available strains near you.

3. Make a decision on the Kratom that suits you

The recent research has clearly shown that the most popular and selling type of Kratom is the Powder. It is imperative to decide on which type that is much more ideal for you as they are available as dried leaves or in tincture form and the capsule is fancied more by the individuals who get irritated by the flavor of the Kratom. You will realize that the Kratom products that are much popular with the local shops are powder and leaves.

Click here for Tips to find the Best Kratom Vendor


Getting to know what you are looking for and how they can be accessed is very important and that is why any user should get acquainted with the local shops and know what they are available and if they meet their standard. This will go a long way in the future when you want to get the product much more easily or refer to a friend who might also want to get them locally.

Where can one buy quality Kratom online?


There is a huge increase in the percentage of individuals who consume Kratom in recent years, this has been contributed to the many benefits that are associated with the product. The rise in demand comes at a price because getting to know the vendors who will sell you the right product online have become a nightmare because there are so many to choose from.

Rule of thumb when you decide to buy Kratom online is trying as much as possible to scrutinized every seller and avoid if you can the obvious ones with a lot of spelling mistakes and generally don’t have any reviews of their products.

Here are some of the top three most popular and genuine vendors where one can get quality products online.

  1. Left Coast

They are one of the most popular Kratom vendors who have a good reputation of selling Kratom capsules. Left coast kratom vendor offers three types of kratom capsules namely White Vein Borneo, Maeng Da Thai and not forgetting Bali Kratom capsules.

You will realize that the Bali Kratom capsules are one of the best because it has a nice balance between a white and red vein leaf and has been proved to contain about 1.7 percent of mitragynine (an indole-based opioid receptor)

  1. Kratom Crazy

Even though this vendor is relatively new in the market, they have surpassed their expectation by a long mile. The fact that they are new in the market they have tried so much to cut among the top kratom hour sellers and that is why you will find their prices to be relatively lower when compared to the others. This does not mean that they have compromised on the quality as the quality is as good as any other available Kratom.

They have a free shipping when you place an order that is above 50 US dollars and at the same time have a standard shipping cost of about three dollars for any other consignment.

  1. Kratora

The fact that Kratora has dominated the Kratom faqs market for more than five years is an indication enough that they are here to stay. They are not only one of the most trusted Kratom vendors in the market but also one of the many vendors who have a variety of alternatives to Kratom, that is the Mitragyna and Lotus flowers.

One of the biggest plus that Kratora has when one wants to buy kratom, the thirty days’ money back guarantee that not only shows how genuine the product they are selling is but also a proof enough of the quality. The online reviews which are a major factor to consider when you want to buy Kratom are totally in favor of Kratora despite the fact that their prices are relatively higher than most websites.


There are several vendors who you will realize that sell not only the genuine product but also at a friendly price. The above mentioned three is only a drop in the ocean but you need to be extra careful when choosing who would be your regular supplier of this very beneficial product.