The video sharing site, YouTube, has given us the power to capture videos and share the same with the whole world, literally. However, for you to derive the best of the platform, you badly need to acquire the best camera for the job. We are here to aid you in that mission. We are going to aid you in choosing the right camera for YouTube. Here are 5 top of the line video cameras for YouTube.


1. Resolution

This refers to the clarity of the images that are captured by the cameras. It is designated in dots-per-inch or pixels. In all, the higher the number of dots-per-inch or pixels, the higher the clarity of the images captured. It, therefore, follows that the best camera on the basis of this consideration has to possess a higher resolution on the whole.

2. Supported Video File Formats

On the whole, YouTube has the ability to support eight kinds of video-related files. These are the .mov, .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .flv, .3gp, .mpegps, and .WebM. It does not support .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg. You should, therefore, see to it that the camera you intend to lay your hand on has the ability to produce at least one of the stated file formats. The failure to comply with this requirement may render the camera irrelevant for the job.

3. Video Recording and Display Technology

The manner in which the videos are recorded and displayed also matter a lot. This is because the two have a bearing on the quality of the images produced. By far the best recording and display technologies are the 4K, High Definition, and the Ultra-high Definition, respectively. They are the ones that have consistently proved to be more effective.

4. Video Recording Speed

Generally speaking, there is a direct correlation between the speed of recording videos and the clarity of those images. Those images that are captured at a faster pace generally tend to be clearer and sharper. Those that are captured in slow-moving pace usually have blurs at the borders and are not so great to behold. While searching for a good camera, look for one that has a higher frames-per-second.

5. Camera Lens

Lastly, the quality of the lens also determines the quality of the image. For panoramic views, the lens has to possess a higher magnification to preserve the clarity of the images. The same also applies to those images that are minute. It is only by going for a sharper lens that you may be sure of higher quality images.


Finding the right camera for YouTube may be quite daunting to an inexperienced person. If you are such type of a person, you are advised to invoke the assistance of an expert. You may also wish to scour through some relevant websites and auction sites for inspiration.